CMB Approach to Insurance

We know you, and your needs

In 2010, we became an employee-run business, something that’s not typical in our segment of the insurance industry. This gives our company several traits we share with yours:
  • We build our business on strong relationships.
  • We’re progressive thinkers open to fresh ideas.
  • We’re confident about our skills.
  • We’re optimistic about the future.
  • We’re energetic participants in a renewed marketplace.
Our other major strength is our deep experience insuring businesses like yours. We have the know-how and the networks already in place.
We know you, and your needs.


Trust is the core value that guides everything we do at CMB Insurance Brokers.
If you don’t trust us, then we don’t deserve your business. So we treat your trust like gold. We protect the information you share with us. We train our staff to treat it carefully and with respect. Your information is collected, used and disclosed only in ways appropriate to our business with you. We use it to design insurance quotes that are individual to you; to purchase a policy on your behalf; to revise your policy; to settle claims; and to compile statistics. We never sell our client information.


Buying the right insurance is one of your most important tasks as a business owner.
So we give you competitive and consistent pricing over a long period. We minimize significant fluctuations in rates by re-evaluating and re-shaping your program on a regular basis. We make modifications to the wording of policies whenever necessary, to ensure that coverage applies correctly to your company’s current risk and exposures. And we write policies only with insurance companies that have the strength to give you pricing stability and to make prompt claims payments.


We carefully assemble a team of account executives and customer service representatives to work for you.
We select team members with specific knowledge of your segment of the industry. They work together to provide you with the highest level of service possible. To accomplish this goal, your team is committed to being accessible and reliable, prompt and efficient. Your time is valuable. You have a business to run. We know it. We get it.