Oil and Gas


The oil and gas industry is physically and financially demanding. We respect that reality.
To support you, we keep abreast of innovations in technology and maintenance, safety and best practices. Then we write well-planned policies and deliver risk-management services that allow you to minimize loss, control risk, and operate safe and profitable businesses.
We’re familiar with how people, equipment and tools work in small startups, as well as at large privately owned and publicly traded operations. We have the knowledge and skills to secure the correct insurance for companies working at oilfield servicing and construction, in drilling and exploration, and those operating oilfield properties.
The many details we insure include:
Oilfield Servicing
  • Wireline—mechanical wireline, electric line, instrumental, memory logging
  • Service rigs—completions and workovers
  • Vacuum and pump-truck services
  • Coil tubing rigs
  • Flush-by units
  • Well-testing
  • Battery operators and maintenance
  • Pipe and equipment inspection (including NDT)
  • Plant inspection—radiography, ultrasonics, magnetic particle, infrared etc.
  • Plant and facility operators
  • Plant and facility maintenance and turnarounds
  • Equipment rentals
  • Fracing, cementing
  • Pipe coating and straightening
  • Environmental reclamation
Drilling and Exploration
  • Drilling rigs
  • Seismic operations
  • Rathole drilling

Oilfield Construction

  • Heavy contractor’s equipment
  • Pipeline—mainline and gathering systems
  • Pipeline right-of-way clearing and preparation
  • Lease building and maintenance
  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Oil and gas facility construction—oil and gas plants, batteries, compressors, separators, tank farms, etc.
  • Oilfield welding—fabrication, repair, hot-tap, pressure
  • Pressure vessels and piping
Oil and gas properties
  • Production properties
  • Oil and gas plants
  • Disposal wells and land farms
  • Storage facilities—tank farms and underground wells and caverns
  • Lease holders and operators