Taxi and Public Transportation


The cost of premiums for taxicab and bus companies has historically been quite high. So in the past 20 years, we’ve developed insurance programs that use risk-management techniques to reduce those costs.
One such technique might allow your taxi company to pay only a set number of deductibles each year. This could include a self-insured component that’s tailored to your fleet, and managed by our firm. Collectively, our taxi management team has more than 60 years’ experience in the taxi industry and has spent more than 20 years developing innovative products for your industry.
We’ve also become directly involved in making sure that claim settlements are handled efficiently, so that overall insurance costs don’t rise. By understanding your circumstances and by calling on our experience in your field, we find the most economical option for you.
Here’s a partial list of products and services we can provide:
  • Computerized program for extensive tracking of all relevant statistical information
  • Claims handling systems
  • Hiring procedures to eliminate high-risk operators
  • Awareness programs